The Benefits of Assisted Living

The choice to move into an assisted living facility can be difficult, for the individual and for their loved ones. This is a choice made more challenging with COVID-19 and all of its unknowns. Nevertheless, assisted living facilities continue to provide many benefits for older adults who no longer can, or want to live alone.

“Assisted living is a wonderful option for older adults who just need a little extra support,” said Adrienne Idsal, Director of The Haven Assisted Living Facility. “I always encourage potential residents and their family members not to wait too long to make the move if a loved one is struggling to manage daily tasks on their own. It can also be difficult to find enough in-home care to meet someone’s needs in Northwest Colorado, and assisted living facilities have staff available 24 hours a day to provide protective oversight and compassionate care. Knowing that someone is always there can give family members peace of mind to know their loved one is being well cared for by professional caregivers. Being part of a greater community improves the quality of life for so many older adults as it prevents isolation and loneliness that can be just as detrimental to their health as a physical injury.”


Many complex changes accompany the aging process. These can include changes in eyesight and hearing, fears about falling, not being able to drive, difficulty remembering to take medications and other important tasks. In an assisted living facility, residents can receive assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, mobility, eating, and toileting. Various amenity and care options are available, and personalized care plans are tailored to meet each residents’ specific needs. Assisted living provides a safe, and often more affordable option for those who do not need full-time skilled nursing care.

No Home to Maintain

Aging can also make it difficult for individuals to plan and prepare meals, or accomplish yard work, snow removal and home maintenance. Assisted living provides a peaceful, homelike setting that offers meals, housekeeping and transportation. Residents can enjoy being part of a community, without the demands of maintaining a home.


While day-to-day life looks different at assisted living facilities right now, they continue to provide social activities and exercise programming in safe ways. Staff are working harder than ever to fight isolation, loneliness and feelings of depression that can develop when older adults live alone. While residents are unable to attend social events or visit with family in person, caregivers are stepping up to become exercise instructors, video conferencing experts and board game companions. Caregivers are vital to ensuring a high quality of life for residents within assisted living facilities.

“We have been so thankful for the outpouring of support for our older adults during this challenging time, and encourage members of the community to continue to engage with residents at our local senior living communities,” said Idsal. “Parades, writing letters, lawn concerts, and window visits can be a rewarding experience that make a vital difference in the residents’ lives, especially during this time. If you have a talent or craft you would like to share with The Haven please let us know as you are likely to brighten someone’s day.”

The Haven Assisted Living Facility in Hayden is currently outbreak free and able to accept new residents with strict safety protocols in place. To learn more about options available, please visit or call 970-875-1888.


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