Thank you for supporting Hospice Daffodils

Spring is here! Hospice Daffodils marked the first day of spring and it’s been so wonderful to see the beautiful yellow flowers in your homes, offices, schools, restaurants, organizations and businesses all around Routt and Moffat County. This display shows that you understand the importance of having Hospice in our communities. Your donations and support for our Hospice Daffodils fundraiser ensures we have a dedicated, experienced staff and are able to deliver care to all residents in need, anywhere in our large rural region.

We are grateful to you for purchasing Hospice Daffodils to help these families and patients who need our care. Your generosity allows our family members, friends and neighbors to spend their end of life in the company of loved ones and in the comfort of their home. Our Hospice program believes that everyone with a terminal illness has the right to live with dignity and comfort. Every day we provide comfort-oriented care for Hospice patients and their caregivers. These individuals deserve the opportunity for the best quality of life, spiritual support, limited pain and suffering, and optimal time with family and friends. Their loved ones deserve longer term support after they have passed. The support and compassion of partners like you helps us continue to provide this care for patients in our community, while supporting their families through the process.

We want to extend a special thank you to volunteers who contribute countless hours collecting orders, delivering Daffodils and helping with many aspects of this event. Without your help, we would not have these early heralds of spring to adorn our communities, inspire hope and remind us to live each day to the fullest.

In gratitude,

Stephanie Einfeld, CEO
Northwest Colorado Health

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