Thank you for supporting Hospice Daffodils

Thank you to everyone in our community who supported Hospice Daffodils. Your generosity allows wonderful patients, like Judith, to spend their end of life in the company of loved ones and in the comfort of home. Judith’s daughter, Suzy, recently shared that with the support of our Hospice staff, Judith and her family made the most of her final months. Although Judith’s physical condition worsened, her sense of humor and ability to maintain some independence never faltered. Whether she was refusing a hospital bed because she preferred her own, asking her Google device to tell her another joke, or cheering on her favorite team with family, she maintained her dignity, humor, and a level of independence until the end. We were a part of Judith’s story because of the support and compassion of partners like you. You gave Judith and her family the resources they needed to find hope and peace during a difficult time.

We are grateful to you – residents and businesses in Routt, Moffat and Grand counties – for purchasing Hospice Daffodils to help these families and patients who need our care. Your display of Daffodils in your homes, offices, schools, restaurants, organizations and businesses shows that you understand the importance of having Hospice in our communities. Your donations and support for fundraisers such as Hospice Daffodils ensures we have a dedicated, experienced staff and are able to deliver care to residents anywhere in our large rural region.

We want to extend a special thank you to volunteers who contribute countless hours collecting orders, delivering Daffodils and helping with many aspects of this event. Without your help, we would not have these early heralds of spring to adorn our communities and remind us of the beauty that is possible even at the end-of-life.


Stephanie Einfeld, CEO
Northwest Colorado Health


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