Seal Up – Trap up – Clean up

Confirmed cases of Hantavirus (a virus carried by some rodents) are starting to appear around the state of Colorado. Here are some simple ways to protect yourself as you start your Spring cleaning.
1. Rodent proof home, barns and other structures.
2. Eliminate food sources for harborage.
3. Conduct year round rodent control at home site.
4.Use special precautions when cleaning rodent infested areas Spray cleaning solution on rodent droppings, dead rodents, and nests. Use 1 ½ c bleach per 1 gallon of water.

Remember to always wear gloves when handling dead rodents or their droppings and Never sweep or vacuum rodent infested areas.

CLICK HERE for a quick video.

For information on rodent control and clean up go to or call The Centers for Disease Control Hotline at 877-232-3322.

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