Hospice has led me in a most beautiful direction in life…

No one likes to think about death and dying, but it’s something everyone has to face. There’s an unbelievably incredible resource in our community that provides comfort, DIGNITY and RESPECT to all those coping with a serious life-limiting illness. It’s our Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association.

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, a time to reach out to our community to raise awareness about the compassionate care that hospice and palliative care offer to all of us.

One of the most important messages is to help people understand that hospice care and palliative care helps families focus on living. You will see that this letter is nothing but an explanation…BUT feel the compassion, care, understanding and most of all their overwhelming commitment to each and every family in their time of need.

Our hospice team provides expert medical care to keep patients comfortable and able to enjoy family and loved ones. Our hospice team answered questions, offered advice of what we were to expect, and helped our families with the duties of being a caregiver. The hospice team also provided us with emotional and spiritual support for the entire family and all of our extended family who was there even for a quick visit.

Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid in most states as well as by most insurance plans and HMO’s. Hospice can be provided in the home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and long term care centers. We in Steamboat are lucky to have the Rolling Stone Respite House. A beautiful and comfortable home with a place for all of us, young or old. This is where my brother spent his last six weeks of his life. Do take a look as you drive by and be thankful that WE ALL have this beautiful home in Steamboat.

Hospice is available to people of all ages, with any illness. Hospice professionals and their trained volunteers will ask you what’s important and listen to what it is you say and need. They make all wishes a priority.

If you or a loved one is facing a life-limiting illness, the time to find out more about hospice and palliative care is right now. Please don’t hesitate as this is available to all of us.

Now to be personal. My experience with Hospice has led me in a most beautiful direction in life. I understand, I’m not afraid, I believe and RECOGNIZE our team of caregivers and those who allow them to shine every moment. Everyone please join in thanking our Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association Hospice and Palliative Care Team. Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us for all of the understanding, compassion and superior care you give each and every one of us in every way.

Win Park

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