Helping you raise safe, healthy and happy kids with SafeCare

Being a parent is hard and none of us can do it all on our own. All of us need support to raise safe, healthy and happy kids.

We are all trying our best to do what’s right for our kids. Sometimes that means asking for help and getting support when we need it. Every family needs and deserves help to raise our children.

“Being a parent is exciting — and also stressful,” said Kim Maneotis, SafeCare Colorado Supervisor with Northwest Colorado Health. “It can also leave families feeling isolated like they’re the only ones having challenges. That’s where a SafeCare provider can help.” 

SafeCare Colorado, a program of Northwest Colorado Health, gives parents and caregivers tools, information and a trusting partner that help to make parenting easier, less stressful, and more fun. SafeCare Colorado is a flexible, one-on-one program that takes place in your home (or through virtual visits) and at a time that works for your schedule. 

Families are connected with a SafeCare provider who visits once a week. Depending on the family’s choice, SafeCare is available in English and Spanish with a bilingual provider. 

All SafeCare providers are trained to support families with babies and young children. Training includes topics such as child health, safety, infant and child development, parent-child relationships, and much more. SafeCare providers must meet requirements for education, and all receive direct and careful supervision. On a personal level, SafeCare providers are kind, friendly, they don’t judge, and they work hard to build a strong relationship with you and your family. 

Parents, caregivers, and SafeCare providers work side-by-side to learn new skills, make parenting feel easier, and make sure that your kids have what they need to be safe and healthy. 

Some parents and caregivers work one-on-one with a SafeCare provider. Other families decide to include other important adults in the child’s life in the SafeCare sessions, such as grandparents or other caregivers. 

During each visit, SafeCare providers will give you useful tips, resources and information that you can easily use along with your own parenting style.

“SafeCare providers are not trying to change the way you parent your child,” said Maneotis. “Our focus is on giving you tools and information that help you build on the skills you already have to keep your child safe and healthy.”  

SafeCare providers are kind, compassionate, they don’t judge, and they are always respectful of you, your family, and your parenting style. They want to build a relationship with you and support you to build on your existing parenting skills and learn new ones. 

Parents who complete SafeCare Colorado report feeling less stressed and more confident in their ability to make their home safe, care for their child’s health, and feel good about managing their child’s behavior.

Referrals to SafeCare can be from community partners, family and friends, health care providers and self-referrals. Northwest Colorado Health offers this program locally in Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt counties.

For more information or to make a referral visit or call 970-870-4119.

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