Employee Wellness Month 2020

Wellness Month 2019

This October we’re celebrating Employee Wellness Month at Northwest Colorado Health!

All month long our employees will have a chance to participate in wellness activities that will be available live and recorded. And for every activity that an employee tracks, they will be entered into a drawing for 5 HUGE prizes! Staff will get bonus points if they submit a photo of their activity or surroundings during a Wellness Activity. We will be uploading the photo submissions on this page daily, so please check back to see everyone’s wellness journey this month.


Week 5 November 2-November 6 is Social Wellness Week

Taylor Cross – Unicorn

Coming in Hot from the 80s:
Annie Sadvar
Jessie Staker
Audrey Magee
Mariana Morales
Kaitlyn Wondra
Aubrey Wojtkiewicz

Adrienne Idsal the Sloth

Alvin and the Chipmunks:
Janette Najera
Michelle Gutierrez
Paula Anderson

Britta Fuglevand

Falling Dominoes:
Reanna Messer
Penny Copeland
Jamie Zander

Ella Saunders

Kathy Lowrey – Little Red Riding Hood, and my Big Bad Woof Sadie

Arin Daigneau – my kids carving pumpkins

Arin Daigneau – Troy’s pumpkin

Jaclyn McDonald

Julia Walker – Halloween at the Walker house

Lauren Carpenter – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Michelle Gottschall

Arin Daigneau – Jasmin’s pumpkin

Emily O’Winter

Valerie Powell – my favorite Halloween decorations!

Brandi Long

Sue Walker – Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Judy Strnad






























































































Week 4 October 26-October 30 is Environmental Wellness Week

Arin Daigneau – 53 bags of leaves from cleaning-up our yard last week.

Jaclyn McDonald – cleaning up our yard

Julia Walker – cleaning up after the dumpster bears!

Valerie Powell – cleaning up the Core Trail

Brandi Long – cleaning up trash in the parking lot

Kyleigh Lawler – picking up trash at the Respite House

Bryanna McFadden – going to campsites, picking up trash for the next person






























Week 3 October 19-October 23 is Financial Wellness Week

Valerie Powell: Walgreens coupon for $4 off: click here

Lauren Carpenter: I have a fun coupon for financial wellness week! My husband and I moved into a new place and decided to upgrade our mattress and it. is. amazing. It came in a box and was delivered within a week. The mattresses are awesome memory foam and I get great sleep on it. They have a 10% off sale at Tuft & Needle right now and they also have an extra discount for healthcare workers! Click here for the offer.

Sue Walker – Honey works great to save money automatically!

I use the iBotta app to get cash back on purchases, it can be used for in-store or online shopping.

Arin Daigneau

Reanna Messer – I had a patient use GoodRX the other day, and I thought it was amazing. You can set your location, type in the drug that your provider is writing and find local prices so you can get the best deal on your prescriptions! It also allows patients to know what they’ll be expected to pay.

Brandi Long – Don’t forget to download your city market digital coupons to get extra savings on top of your card savings.

Judy Strnad

Kathy Lowrey

Kathy Lowrey

Julia Walker – the City Market app has saved me tons of money on things I buy all the time!

Holly Cox – this is 1 of our money jars that we have for change. We use this for either Christmas or vacation $$

Alicia Medrano

Bryanna McFadden

Bryanna McFadden

Bryanna McFadden

Bryanna McFadden – growing my first garden while saving on expenses !














































































Week 2 October 12-October 16 is Emotional Wellness Week

Use this calendar to practice simple mindfulness activities every day, click on the image or download here: mindfulness-calendar

Katy Thiel – to relax, I love getting out in the winter and hiking with my dog!

Anita Reynolds

Anita Reynolds – My grand loves are my absolutes happy place. When I’m with them, all is right in the world.

Arin Daigneau – Cross stitching keeps me sane! Here’s my most recent project completed, my son’s Christmas stocking.

Brandi Long – I enjoy hiking, waking and running for stress relief.

Stephanie Einfeld

Suzi Mariano – My hobby that relieves stress-cooking!

Julia Walker – Doing art, and keeping live plants around me helps me relieve stress.

Emily O’Winter – mountain biking

Valerie Powell – I like to scrapbook my outdoor adventures and trips.

Jaclyn McDonald

Brittany Ahlgrim – a much needed massage

Amanda Russell – Paper crafts & tea!

Jamie Zander – spending time with my family always helps me relax.

Susan Madigan – Spending time outside and watching sunsets from our back porch is good for my mental health!

Sue Walker – spending time in the mountains relieves my stress!

Reanna Messer – hiking with Kevin & “the boys” helps me relax

Michelle Gottschall

Judy Strnad – Hiking up hill with my 2 best buddies-husband Dan and black lab Elmer for sunset happy hour.

Judy Strnad

Lauren Carpenter – Being able to bake (especially apple pie) really helps create calm for me

Lauren Carpenter – I also love going for runs with my dog in our neighborhood every evening for some exercise

Kyleigh Lawler – being in nature with my kids

Debbie Moncrief

Kathy Lowrey – stress reliever is cooking healthy meals for my family

Kathy Lowrey – One stress reliever is my dog Sadie who loves to give kisses and lay on me when I’m trying to work out

Alicia Medrano – We enjoy playing outside with the puppy. Also playing on the playground.



Judy Strnad

Alicia Medrano – This is what helps me relieve stress, I enjoy turning this on when I work from home.

Bryanna McFadden – going outside looking for the wild horses

Bryanna McFadden – helping others helps me






































































































































Week 1 October 5-October 11 is Physical Wellness Week 


Kathy Simpson – Hunting & Celebrating Her Anniversary with her Husband



Julia Walker


Bryanna McFadden







Anita Reynolds – Walking between Clinics

Stephanie Einfeld – Camping with my family in Vernal, UT










Emily O’Winter – Healthy Recipe: polenta with zucchini noodles and a homemade marinara sauce

Jaclyn McDonald – Family hikes







Debbie Moncrief

Suzi Mariano

Arin Daigneau – my last garden bed that hasn’t frozen yet!


Stephanie Anderson – gardening, being outside & enjoying nature!






Valerie Powell

Amanda Russell

Stacy Earle – a hike around the lake

Reanna Messer – my dogs at Stagecoach

Jenny Fox – 14ers I hiked last weekend

Judy Strnad – hiking to Windy Ridge

Sue Walker

Bryanna McFadden

Brandi Long – added water chestnut and onion, skipped the carrot. It was delicious!

Sally Habermehl – doing one of the things I love, hiking!

Sue Walker

Karlie George – my family and I enjoy going on evening walks through town!

Brittany Ahlgrim

Kyleigh Lawler

Michelle Gottschall

Lauren Carpenter – a hike to the top of Hahn’s Peak with friends

Lauren Carpenter

Anita Reynolds






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