Stop Diabetes – get a free screening today

Every 17 seconds, someone new is diagnosed with Diabetes – a disease that kills more Americans each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. During American Diabetes Month®, raise your hand to Stop Diabetes®.

What’s the big deal?
According to the American Diabetes Association, recent estimates project that as many as 1 in 3 American adults will have Diabetes in 2050 unless we take steps to Stop Diabetes.

The Toll on Health
Diabetes is a serious disease.  If it isn’t managed, it can damage many parts of the body, leading to heart attacks, strokes, amputation, blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage

What is the “Cost” of Diabetes?
The average person with Diabetes will spend over 2 times as much as a person without the disease. The cost of caring for someone with Diabetes is $1 out of every $5 in total healthcare costs.

How can you prevent it?
•    Make wise food choices—baked instead of fried—wheat instead of white!
•    Maintain a healthy weight, lose weight or take steps to prevent weight gain.
•    Be physically active—aim for 30 minutes every day.
•    Limit the amount of alcohol that you drink.
•    Quit Smoking!

If you already have Diabetes
Talk to your health care provider regularly to help control the disease and make sure you get a flu shot every year!
We need to rally together, raise our hands, and pledge to end a preventable disease which puts a serious emotional, physical and economic toll on all those affected. To make an appointment for a FREE Diabetes Screening today CLICK HERE.

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